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Produ: Univision: The social networks of Nuestra Belleza Latina have a leading role

By UCI PR Team

Nov 2, 2018

Nelson Ruiz, VP, senior executive producer at Univision, has been doing Nuestra Belleza Latina for four years. He says it is the reality that has remained the longest time in Hispanic television.

In his opinion, the biggest challenge has been to go from a beauty contest to one in which they are looking for a communicator. “To lead a show in which essence isn’t lost, but at the same time, reveal a transformation to what it is nowadays.”

Additionally, the program, which has 11 episodes, has gradually evolved and has had to integrate the digital part with the linear one, “that we obviously know has changed this media. Television has transformed, and we have built, we have found the formula for one means to help the other grow and not necessarily repeat the same information.”

Ruiz explains that the integration of social networks with linear television has been big in this type of program in the US. “There must be a marriage between social networks and what television has been up to now; they both have to stimulate each other, without having the same content.”

He also mentioned that the social networks of Nuestra Belleza Latina have a leading role. According to what he said, there are 8 million people speaking at the same time on social networks, particularly on Instagram.

Source: Produ

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