Community Impact

Univision Communication Inc's Corporate Affairs division has four main functions: community engagement, empowerment, philanthropy and thought leadership.

We take pride in our ability to cultivate meaningful relationships based on trust, service and results. Built on a mission-driven foundation, we are dedicated to empowering the communities we serve by providing access and resources for growth.

The heart of our mission is to serve and empower Hispanic and multicultural communities by enabling them to enrich their minds, health, & cultural connections. Our comprehensive strategy, Rise Up: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Counted, brings together the company’s Contigo and Rise Up efforts with one goal - IMPACT.

Be Seen

Build on UCI efforts to create advancement opportunities within the Hispanic community, focusing, in particular, on education, health/wellness, entrepreneurship, and inspiring stories and events promoting Hispanic culture in the U.S.

Be Heard

Develop content and initiatives to promote freedom of the press, free speech, diversity in media, and giving voices – both in Spanish and English – to the communities served by UCI.

Be Counted

Promote civic engagement efforts, focusing on promoting the Hispanic community’s clout and political presence, with an emphasis on the upcoming census, voting registration/get out the vote, immigration, and environment. 


Since 2014, the social impact platform for Fusion Media Group has harnessed the power of media & storytelling to drive positive social change on issues that matter to Hispanic Americans, African Americans, & the increasingly diverse millennial generation.

Univision Contigo

Univision’s award-winning corporate social responsibility platform was launched in 2013 and focuses on empowering and enabling communities to build strong minds, promote healthy habits and celebrate diversity.

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