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Univision Media and Consumer Insights Update – April 15th, 2020

By Steve Mandala, President of Advertising Sales & Marketing

As marketers and agencies continue to navigate the current crisis, many are asking us “How do I speak to the Hispanic consumer at a time like this?” We are all trying to answer this in a way that both provides value to consumers and builds brand equity.

An article in Adweek provides some helpful guidance to the above question. We found 18 Tips on Advertising During the Coronavirus Crisis to be comprehensive, thoughtful and encouraging, with valuable recommendations that can benefit both agencies and brands.

We won’t review all 18 tips, but here are a few that caught our eye – and illustrate some of the ways we may serve you during this period of uncertainty:

Realize you have many tools immediately available – This is all about getting creative with the resources you have. For example, a key resource that brands may leverage is Univision Brand Labs. Our suite of end-to-end marketing solutions can adapt English-language COVID creative to Spanish, so your message is delivered concurrently in both languages. Alternatively, we can create messaging from scratch, like we did here for Royal Prestige, with an “at home” themed creative from Univision talent Chef Yisus.

Pivot your messaging – As Darwin said for species, those that adapt survive, and brands that can pivot their message quickly will benefit. The article discusses how liquor manufacturers have switched from making beverages to sanitizers. We are ready to pivot with you. Here is how we helped an iconic Hispanic coffee brand, Café Bustelo, pivot its message to the new “stay at home” reality, with a segment on morning show “Despierta America.”

Offer a public service – Many brands are stepping up with free trials and services to help consumers. Univision continues to support our community in these trying times. The health crisis has overshadowed the fact that 2020 is a year for the U.S. Census, which is critical for political representation and resource allocation. It is vital for the Hispanic community to make its voice heard. So, we stepped up.

Univision’s Uforia music brand partnered with top Latin music stars to create a series of PSA’s for the U.S. Census in the form of an anthem, and messaging employing Univision’s social media influencers.

We were inspired by the 18 tips in the article. It reminds us that in tough times, creativity and positivity matter. Let’s work together to ensure that your message resonates with Univision’s community.

Stay well,

Steve Mandala
President of Advertising Sales and Marketing, Univision

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