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A Note from Steve Mandala

By Steve Mandala, President of Advertising Sales & Marketing

Right now, there are two universal truths: We are all seeking answers, and this current health crisis will come to an end.

As our community seeks answers, Univision’s mission to inform, empower and entertain is more important than ever. That’s because our audience relies on us to provide the context needed to respond to current events.

We have, as a result, enhanced our news offerings. The soaring consumption of this content is a clear sign that we are serving a need. Relatedly, ratings for our entertainment programming are climbing as well.

As our marketing partners seek answers, it is important you know that every employee at Univision is committed to your success. That means working together to find solutions to business challenges none of us ever imagined. For example, if you need help in retailoring your messaging, our production teams are at the ready.

When you are in the middle of a crisis, it is often hard to see the other side – but history shows that this current turbulence will indeed end. We are invested in ensuring you emerge even stronger when it does. By continuing to communicate and serve consumers now, you set yourself up for success in the ensuing economic boom.

A few thoughts related to this:

  • There are over 100 years of economic studies confirming that companies maintaining advertising in a downturn outperform their competition at the conclusion of the downturn. (Here’s a link to one comprehensive study.)
  • There are multiple recent studies that show our economy’s fundamentals are strong, and the ensuing rebound should be significant.
  • As we return to normalcy, it is certain U.S. Hispanic consumers will play a leading role in the resulting surge – just as they have for years. (For example, over the last five years, Hispanics are driving outsized growth across the top 10 consumer categories.)
  • Univision is your gateway to Hispanics, and we have the scale to grow your business. In the February sweep, Univision was the No. 5 network in the country (across broadcast and cable), and our family of networks was the fastest growing of any media company.
  • Our uniquely high level of live viewing (90%+ on Univision) is even more desirable today, when the immediate delivery of advertising messages is so important.
  • Lastly, our Economic Sentiment tracker from Civic Science demonstrates Hispanics today are 21% more optimistic about the economic situation in the next six months than non-Hispanics, thus creating an opportunity for marketers seeking future success.

On Monday, we will be sharing insights from that Economic Sentiment tracker as well as data from our comprehensive analysis of television viewing. You should expect to receive an email from us with this information. It’s just one way for us to show our commitment.

As always, we are here to serve you. I hope you and your families stay well.


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