Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
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  1. Latinos are key consumers for the restaurant category.
    Hispanics spent over $53 billion on food away from home in 2010.  Over the five-year period from 2005—2010, Hispanic spending on food away from home grew at an average annual rate of 6.3% while total U.S. consumer spending in the category grew just 3.7%.
    Source: IHS Global Insight, 2011 Hispanic Monitor
  2. Hispanics will account for a disproportionate share of the growth in restaurant spending.
    Hispanic consumers are projected to account for 25% of the increase in consumer spending on food away from home from 2010—2015.  That’s one of every four new dollars being spent in the category!
    Source: IHS Global Insight, 2011 Hispanic Monitor
  3. Hispanics are bigger spenders at Quick Service Restaurants.
    The average Hispanic household spends 16% more annually at QSRs than the typical non-Hispanic household ($2,248 per Hispanic home vs. $1,933 per non-Hispanic home).
    Source: IHS Global Insight, 2011 Hispanic Monitor
  4. Hispanics are more likely to dine with children.
    44% of Hispanic QSR users visited with children versus 33% of non-Hispanic users (133 index).  Larger parties can translate to larger checks for restaurants.
    Source: Experian Simmons NCS/NHCS,Fall2010, Adults Full Year, Base: A18+ and visit any QSR
  5. Hispanic consumers represent a growth opportunity for Casual Dining Chains.
    Hispanic visitors to casual dining restaurants grew 14% from 2006—2010 while non-Hispanic visitors declined slightly by -1%.  That’s the power of explosive population growth offsetting the impact of a tough economic environment.
    Source: Experian Simmons NCS/NHCS, Fall 2006 and 2010; Base: A18+ who visit Casual Dining Restaurant
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