Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
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  1. The majority of U.S. Hispanics have health insurance.
    Sixty-nine percent of all U.S. Hispanics are covered by health insurance. The numbers increase to 84% of those under 18 and 94% of the 65+ population.  Based on current estimates from the Whitehouse, an additional estimated 9 million Hispanics will be covered by the Health Insurance reforms in 2014.
    Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2009 American Community Survey; White House.Gov “Healthcare Reform for Latinos”
  2. Hispanics get more health information from the media than any other source.
    Eighty-three percent of Hispanics who obtained healthcare information received it via the media (TV, radio, print, and Internet). Of those 83%, 70% report they have taken action based on this information including how to treat an illness, asking healthcare professionals for more information, and changing the way they think about diet and exercise.
    Source: Pew Hispanic Research –
  3. Hispanics are more trusting of information from pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies than Non-Hispanics.
    Thirty-two percent of Hispanics trust information from pharmaceutical manufactures vs. 11% of Non-Hispanics; and 25% of Hispanics trust information from health insurance companies vs. 5% of Non-Hispanics.
    Source:  Univision / Experian Simmons/ Pharmaceuticals Advertising Awareness Study, 2010 Base: Total  Respondents Q9. Using a scale of  “1” to “5” where “1”  is “not at all trustworthy” and “5” is “extremely trustworthy”, please indicate how much you trust in each of the following.
  4. Hispanics are open to healthcare messages.
    Sixty-seven percent of Hispanics agree “advertisements for prescription drugs encourage better communication between patients and their doctors” vs. 48% of Non-Hispanic Whites.
    Source: Yankelovich MONITOR Multicultural Study 2010, Base: Persons 16+
  5. Hispanic healthcare offers billions of dollars in incremental growth opportunity.
    As an underdeveloped segment, Hispanic patients offer billions in growth potential. In the prescription category, Hispanics currently contribute $17 Billion or 9% of total adult prescriptions in the U.S. Reaching census parity would see this number grow to $30 Billion.
    Source: U.S. TRx Dollars via SDI Health’s  VONA MAT 6/2011. Excludes Under 18 & Unspecified Populations
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