Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
"Nielsen likability scores among bilingual Hispanics 18-49 are 60% higher on Univison when comparing brands with ads…"
  1. Hispanics spent about $85 Billion on food at home in 2010.
    Source: Global Insight – 2011 Hispanic Market Monitor
  2. On average Hispanic households spend more on food at home than non-Hispanics. (Hispanics $6,152 v. Non-Hispanics $5,757)
    Source: Global Insight – 2011 Hispanic Market Monitor
  3. Top 3 Key Factors Driving Hispanic Food Purchase Decisions are:
    Healthy Foods 65% Hispanics vs. 48% Non-Hispanics
    Convenient to Prepare 52% Hispanics vs. 42% Non-Hispanics
    All Natural 49% Hispanics vs. 24% Non-Hispanics
    Source: Yankelovich Hispanic Monitor 2010
  4. 32% of Hispanics fall in the “Balance of Convenience & Health” segment vs. 26% of NH;
    Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS, Fall 2010 FY A18+ Targets: Food Segments Based on Eating Habits and Attitudes About Food
  5. 22% of Hispanics agree that they’re usually the first to try a new food product. (Non-Hispanic 18%)
    Base: Simmons, NCSNHCS, fall 2010, U.S. (Oct ’09-Dec ’10) Base Adult 18+
  6. 62% of Hispanic moms agree they are brand loyal.
    (58% Non-Hispanics)
    Base: Simmons, NCS/NHCS, fall 2010, U.S. (Oct ’09 – Dec ’10) Base: W18+ who are parent/ Guardian of a child with one or more children in the household
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