Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
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  1. Hispanics are driving the growth in financial services.
    Huge growth opportunity exists with debit cards. From 2006 – 2010 the number of Hispanics who have debit/ATM cards grew by 44% versus 31% among Non-Hispanics.
    Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS: Fall 2006 – 2010 Adult Full Year – Pop, Base: A18+
  2. More insurance advertisers are reaching out to Hispanics than ever before.
    From 2005 to 2010 there was a 210% increase in insurance advertisers’ investment in Spanish-language vs. only 31% in English-language TV.
    Source: Nielsen Ad*Views 2005-2010 TV Advertising Spend for Insurance Categories. Spanish-Language TV includes Network, Cable and Spot TV.  English-Language TV includes Network, Cable, Syndicated and Spot.
  3. Hispanics want more financial outreach.
    More than three-quarters of Hispanics (77%) agree, “I wish more financial institutions would offer products and services with Hispanics in mind.”
    Source: Yankelovich MONITOR Multicultural Study 2010, Base: Persons 16+
  4. More Hispanics are establishing banking relationships.
    Between 2006 – 2010 there was a 15% growth in the number of  Hispanics who use a bank representing 3 million new Hispanic bank users.
    Source: Simmons NCS/NHCS Fall 2006 and 2010 Full Year – Pop, Base: A18+  who used any primary bank
  5. Hispanics are optimistic about their financial future.
    When asked about aspects of life that will increase over the next few years, 45% of Hispanics cited “my ability to pay everyday expenses” vs. only 33% of Non-Hispanic Whites; and 41% of Hispanics cited “my overall financial security” vs.  37% of Non-Hispanic Whites.
    Source: Yankelovich MONITOR Multicultural Study 2010, Base: Persons 16+
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