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Tres Veces Ana (Ana Times Three)


After a car accident kills their parents, the mischievous Ana Leticia and handicapped Ana Laura are separated from their free-spirited sister Ana Lucia. The sisters individual love stories will present challenges but there’s no match for the bonds of sisterhood as their lives will ultimately intertwine, for better or for worse.

Tres Veces Ana stars real-life power couple Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer, in a breakout role with Angelique playing identical triplets with very distinct personalities.


  • Star-studded cast anchored by real-life couple Angelique Boyer & Sebastian Rulli #BOYERULLI
  • Two Seasons. For the first time in Univision history, this novela will be split into two seasons, the first equaling 65 episodes, the second 55
  • Premieres May 23, 2016
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