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Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales

Think Ted! A live action (85%) and animated (15%) comedy webseries co-produced with Warner Bros. Speedy Gonzales lives adventures supported by real-people costars in 1-3 minute episodes. U.S. consumers across the board are going to want to follow the adventures of “The Fastest Mouse in all of Mexico.”

Speedy Gonzalez
Zuleika Rivera
Pedro Moreno
Elizabeth Gutierrez

PRODUCER: Univision-Warner Brothers
20 videos 1-3m each

1-Iconic Character Reimagined
The plucky underdog who always wins is coming back. Curiosity will drive eyeballs: what’s next for this 60-year-old Looney Tunes character?
2-Innovative Format
In the vain of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Speedy will share adventures with live action co-stars in this digital first webseries
3-Warner Bros Partnership
UCI will produce and distribute the Spanish-language version, and Warner Bros the English. The series will benefit from double the promotion.

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