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Nuestra Belleza Latina (Our Latin Beauty)



Nuestra Belleza Latina a reality show designed not only to empower our contestants, but also our audience. Now in its 11th season, contestants compete in weekly challenges designed to test their character and willpower for the ultimate prize: a Univision contract.


1- Beauty with a Purpose: A letter from a loyal viewer states, “…thanks to NBL, my daughter has been inspired to join a community sports center and register for workshops to have public speaking skills like hers, as well as training for becoming a leader.”

2- Francisca Lachapel: Francisca, aka The People’s Queen, is the perfect example of how NBL serves as a platform to empower women. Her talent and dedication charmed audiences in 2015, making her NBL queen.

3- A Social Powerhouse: During season nine, NBL was the most social reality show regardless of language. In fact, the show had higher engagement on Instagram than The Voice and American Idol during the season.

Sources: Facebook, Twitter, Nielsen, Shareablee
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