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KGBT – 98.5 McAllen

KGBT 98.5 Solamente Exitos is the premier Spanish-language radio station in The Rio Grande Valley, delivering more than 170,000 listeners per week. KGBT 98.5 Solamente Exitos listeners are younger than the average listener in the marketplace. They have larger households and are more likely than the total population to spend money on goods and services: autos, computers, large appliances, furniture and wireless service. KGBT-FM listeners are active consumers that indulge in a variety of entertainment options for their families such as visiting the zoo and theme parks, the circus and cultural events. The estimated annual retail spending for the KGBT 98.5 Solamente Exitos audience is $2.7 billion dollars. Not only the uncontested leader in Spanish-language radio, KGBT 98.5 Solamente Exitos’s core audience strength is so forceful that KGBT-FM consistently ranks among the top two total market stations among all key adult demos. Due to its powerful signal coverage spanning over 100 miles and audience-preferred Regional Mexican format, the station serves as the primary source of entertainment to a vast number of listeners. The loyalty and strong bond that listeners exhibit with KGBT 98.5 Solamente Exitos provides advertisers with the unique opportunity to not only reach consumers who have the money and desire to spend it, but to connect emotionally with them. In the world of Spanish radio, on-air talent must be more than “personalities” – they must not only entertain, but must also have the audience’s best interest at heart. KGBT 98.5 Solamente Exitos is proud to have a talent line-up composed of the top Spanish radio entertainers in all of South Texas who have earned the admiration, trust an loyalty of the KGBT-FM audience. These unique strengths make KGBT 98.5 Solamente Exitos an extremely effective vehicle in marketing your goods and services to the vital Rio Grande Valley consumer segment. Put your marketing challenges in our hands and trust the power of KGBT 98.5 Solamente Exitos to work for YOU!

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