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Recuerdo 96.1

In Spanish, “Recuerdo” translates to “memory” and indeed, 96.1 Recuerdo (KBTQ-FM) takes the listener back to the most memorable Ballads, Racheras, Gruperos and Tropicales in Spanish-language music – only the HITS performed by only the best in these genres! It is because of this outstanding compilation of  music that 96.1 Recuerdo creates an emotional connection with the audience, creating an advertising environment in which messages are consumed on a more positive and personal level. Also, due to the nature of the format, 96.1 Recuerdo enjoys one of the highest “time spent listening” in the market – more time to hear your messages! 96.1 Recuerdo delivers a desirable consumer segment that is more likely than the average consumer in the market to purchase goods such as autos, furniture and appliances and electronics. The estimated annual retail spending 96.1 Recuerdo listeners is $2.4 billion dollars. Trust the power of the Valley’s All-Time Favorite Spanish Super Hit Station, 96.1 Recuerdo to deliver results for YOU!

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