Positive Messaging Drives Positive Results for Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal

Situation: Increase awareness and relevancy for Post’s Honey Bunches of Oats “positivity platform” with the goal of driving dollar consumption and share in the Hispanic Ready to Eat cereal category. Insight: Marketers have known for years that a program built around the music and stars consumers love can drive deep levels of engagement and create Read More

Cleaning Routines: Get the inside scoop on why Latinas are “the cleanest people around”

Leading the Change: Marketers Share their Successes with Culturally Relevant Campaigns

After hearing from those who have successfully started marketing to Hispanic consumers at our 2013 Leading the Change forum, we were privileged to have three vets from three vanguard companies on hand to share examples of multiplatform success amongst Hispanic consumers. One common theme from these three marketers:  no matter how broad or targeted the Read More

The Why Behind Hispanic Consumer Packaged Goods Purchases

The findings of the Hispanic “The Why? Behind The Buy” report revealed many fascinating insights, including that Hispanic shoppers are optimistic and have a positive, forward-looking view that transcends today’s current economic struggles. In fact, 32 percent of Hispanic shoppers expect their household income to increase over the next year vs. 22 percent of the Read More

Watch this Webinar: The Why Behind the Buy

Did you know Hispanic shoppers spend more on routine trips than total U.S. shoppers? New research from AMG Strategic Advisors reveals the must-know shopping habits of this crucial growth segment. And the findings are revealed during this free, one-hour webinar.  Watch it and learn how the Hispanic grocery shopper differs from non-Hispanic consumers when it Read More

The Why? Behind the Buy

Reaching grocery decision makers has never been more important than in the current economy.  As consumer product goods (CPG) and retail companies vie for share of their markets, Univision and Acosta Sales & Marketing, the leading sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods industry, will reveal new research that shows how and why Read More

Hispanic Consumers Will Help You WIN

By Graciela Eleta During the recent Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Executive Conference, the GMA, Nielsen and McKinsey unveiled a report entitled “Winning Where it Matters: A Focused Approach to Capturing Growth.” The report examines the financial performance, Nielsen in-market data, and self-reported business practices of more than 50 consumer product goods (CPG) companies in the Read More

The Checkout: Hispanics’ Path to Purchase Revealed

By Elizabeth Ellers Last week Univision revealed the findings of a study conducted in partnership with SmartRevenue that tracks the “Hispanic Path to Purchase.  Discussed at a “Hispanic 411: Insights to Grow Your Business” webinar, the study zeroed in on the decision making process for Hispanics, beginning before they set foot in the store, until Read More

Watch this Webinar: Hispanic Path to Purchase: Snacks and Frozen Foods

With the Hispanic segment growing at a rapid pace, CPG and retail marketers want to know the triggers that make Hispanic Shoppers buy one brand versus another? Univision partnered with SmartRevenue to take a deeper look at the Hispanic Path to Purchase in order to better understand how and why Hispanics make their purchase decisions Read More

Consumer Packaged Goods Growth Depends on Hispanic Consumers

The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) recently released a new study proving what we’ve known for a long time: there is a positive and direct connection between targeted Hispanic marketing and revenue growth among consumer packaged goods (CPG) and CPG-based retail companies. Approximately 39 CPG companies and retailers that consistently advertised in Hispanic media Read More

The Most Important Meal of the Day – Latino Style

The New American Reality isn’t a one-way street with Hispanics acculturating into the mainstream – Hispanic tastes and preferences are influencing the mainstream.  And it’s happening at breakfast, seemingly a meal in which consumers tend to stick to the tried-and-true. According to NPD’s NET® (National Eating Trends®) Hispanic, a year-long study that captures the in-home Read More

Latina Moms Balance Taste, Health & Convenience

MDPA Magazine – January 2012 By Liz Sanderson Like a masterful tightrope walker, Hispanic mothers are always concerned with balance. As it is, they already straddle two cultures: they are experiencing and adopting American traditions while holding on to their Hispanic values, traditions and heritage. One of the elements of their culture that they most Read More

Celebrating Christmas and Latino Cultural Traditions

Christmas is a religious holiday for most Hispanics, a festive occasion to celebrate with family. Throughout the Christmas season Hispanic families tend to mesh the traditions that reflect and preserve their language, values and culture with those from the U.S. – for their own unique take on the holiday. Though Santa permeates the holiday season Read More

P&G Playing to Win with Hispanics

VP North American Marketing Jodi Allen discusses how Procter & Gamble approaches the Hispanic market…and wins.

Latinos Embrace Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day, many Hispanic homes will be filled with the familiar scent of turkey roasting, but the holiday preparations will also include other customary dishes that better reflect Hispanic heritage.  Many Latinos may choose to follow American traditions and also opt to include Hispanic foods as part of the celebration. In the spirit of Read More

Watch This Webinar: Creative that Works

In this Hispanic 411 webinar, Univision and leading global research agency Millward Brown use real brand examples to discuss how to approach Hispanic creative. Log in to: Learn about targeted communication and why it delivers higher recall and likeability Gain insight on the development of briefs that lead to outstanding messaging for multicultural AND general Read More

Walmart and Univision Share the Stage

Tony Rogers, senior vice president of Brand Marketing at Walmart, and Elizabeth Ellers, executive vice president of Corporate Research at Univision, addressed the crowd at Symphony IRI Group’s annual summit about “Making Hispanics Your Competitive Advantage at Retail.”

Get Ready for the Battle of the Latino Basket

Get Ready for the Battle of the Latino Basket Marketers Know the Real Skirmish Is at Retail — Do Their Agencies? By: Chiqui Cartagena for AdAge Among the more than 800 attendees of last week’s Hispanic Retail 360 conference held in San Diego, there were surprisingly very few agencies. In fact, according to conference organizers, Read More

General Mills: Playing to Win

Situation Traditionally, most of General Mills’ brands in the U.S. have not benefited from a strong legacy position in Latin America, unlike their key competitors.  The General Mills marketing team looked at their Hispanic and non-Hispanic market shares and determined that closing this gap represented an $800+ Million sales opportunity Insight In an effort to Read More

Making Hispanic a Business Imperative

Amy Curtis McIntyre, Chief Marketing Officer of Old Navy, reveals how leading with insights and “putting your money where your mouth is” leads to success with Hispanic consumers. Watch the video to find out why she says, “Approaching the Hispanic [consumer] in the United States is more than a ‘nice to do.’ It’s mandatory for Read More

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