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The Political Force of Hispanic Voters in California

On the state level, 2014 is a pivotal election year for both the Democratic and Republican parties. Legislative leaders are conscious of the growing political force of Hispanic voters in California and their influence on national politics. According to Senator Alex Padilla (D.), a significant change seen in the state capitol “is not only the Read More

2014 Midterm Elections: Reaching The Hispanic Voter

The growing importance of the Hispanic Voter has been coming into focus over the past elections cycles. Campaign strategists from both parties now realize that if they do not have a solid Hispanic campaign strategy and dedicate appropriate funds to reach Latino voters through Spanish-language media, they are doing their candidates a disservice. “The largest Read More

We Are One

“We Are One” celebrates the important role Hispanics play in the fabric of American life, contributing to the growth of businesses, the workforce and well being of America.

Randy Falco Explores Vital, Yet Misunderstood Hispanic Voters in The Miami Herald

THE ELECTION Vital but misunderstood Hispanic voters BY RANDY FALCO According to national Election Day exit polls, Hispanics were 10 percent of the American electorate, a one-percentage point increase from 2008. In key Western states like Colorado, where Hispanics represent 14 percent of voters, or Nevada, where they are 18 percent of voters, or Read More

Demographic Data Facts

Who Will Win The Growing Hispanic Vote?

The growth of the Hispanic population in the United States also brings with it new voters. Both Democrats and Republicans are trying to win their vote in key battleground states. Read the full Wall Street Journal article here and take a look at key points in the supporting infographic.

Connecting to Critical Voters

An excerpt from “Latino Boom 2.0 ” publishing this Fall According to Census data, every month, 50,000 Latino citizens turn 18 and are therefore eligible to vote. The American electorate is growing by the minute: the National Association of Elected Latino Officials (NALEO) projects that at least 12.2 million Hispanics will turn out to vote Read More

The Hispanic Surge and the New Landscape of American Politics

National Journal, Univision News and ABC News partnered to produce “The Democratic Party in Tomorrow’s America: The Hispanic Surge and the New Landscape of American Politics,” at the Democratic National Convention. The invitation-only event  featured Univision news anchor, Maria Elena Salinas, National Journal’s Ronald Brownstein,  and ABC News’ Jake Tapper as well as appearances by Rep. Read More

Latino vote requires more nurturing

Matt Barreto, founding principal at Latino Decisions and associate professor in political science at the University of Washington, discusses how better outreach from both President Obama and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns could lead to better voter participation from Latinos.

Marco Rubio, Jorge Ramos lock horns on immigration in first interview

Senator Marco Rubio’s first interview since being elected senator in 2010 with Univision’s Jorge Ramos. In the interview he promotes his newly-released autobiography, An American Son, and also addresses many controversial issues and topics, such as the Florida Republican’s position on immigration reform.

Rove and Trippi: Hispanic Voters, Virginia Are Keys to 2012

Karl Rove and Joe Trippi discuss the importance of the Latino vote in the upcoming presidential election and what each camp must do to improve their relationship to this key swing voter.

How Obama, Romney Camps Are Courting ‘Critical’ Latino Voters

As both the Obama and the Romney campaigns launch national outreach initiatives to court the Hispanic vote, Gwen Iffil talks to Sen. Bob Menendez (D) and Betina Inlcan, Director of Hispanic Outreach for the RNC, about what each side needs to do to attract the swing Hispanic voter.

Hispanic Voters- Andrea Mitchell Reports

MSNBC host, Andrea Mitchell discusses the formidable presence Hispanic voters have in key swing states and the lack of movement on both Immigration Reform and the Dream Act with Stephanie Cutter of the Obama Campaign.

The Elusive Hispanic Vote Is Key for GOP

WSJ’s Laura Meckler examines struggles facing Mitt Romney’s campaign in gathering support among the U.S. Hispanic population on Wall Street Journal Live, including where Hispanic support for the GOP party is today and who the potential VP running mates might be.

How to Win the Latino Vote That Will Elect the Next President

AdAge- March 6, 2012 by Chiqui Cartagena Republicans Have Fences to Mend With Hispanic Community The Time magazine cover story “Yo Decido. Why Latinos will pick the next President” might seem shocking to some, but according to at least one well-respected political consultant, Latinos have already picked one president: W. In a panel discussion addressing Read More

What GOP Candidates Need To Do To Win Latino Voters Back

A panel of conservative experts, including John LeBoutillier, Pat Cadell and Fox News Latino Contributor, Lili Gil discuss what GOP candidates have done so far in the campaign trail which has left Latino Voters feeling like GOP doesn’t care about them or even worse, are hostile toward them.

The Latino Vote: A factor in swing states come November

CNN’s Sr. Latin American Affairs Editor, Rafael Romo and political analyst Charles Garcia, discuss the demographic shifts in the Latino population and how it might affect the outcome of the elections in swing states.

Power of the Latino Vote

Political experts from both parties are talking about the Power of the Latino Vote in 2012. IN 2008, 40% of new voters were Hispanic. This year, as many as 14 million Latinos are expected to turn out and vote. Many pundits say that in 12 of the 15 key “swing” states Latino voters could easily Read More

Inside the Boiler Room: The Latino Vote

NBC’s Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro talk about the various issues that concern Latinos and how the recent Contraceptive insurance deal may or may not affect the Latino Vote in 2012.

Romney at Univision’s forum: “I’m not anti-immigrant”

By: UNIVISION NEWS Channel: Politics At the second and final “Meet the Candidates” event organized by Univision on Wednesday, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney defended his tough stance on illegal immigration, explaining his self-deportation plan. He also expounded on his net worth in light of his disclosure this week of his tax plan. Romney also Read More

Newt Gingrich at Univision’s forum: “I’m for half the Dream Act”

In a “mano a mano” interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos at the network’s Miami studios, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich answered questions regarding his position on immigration, Cuba and his lack of appeal to the Hispanic community, a decisive voting bloc.

The New Voter

Political campaigns share a lot with marketing campaigns. They must quickly and effectively get their message out and reach their target audience in order to win market share or in this case, elections. But what marketers have known, and been doing now for several decades, is still new to the political arena: connecting with Latino audiences.

Gillespie talks economy, 2012 elections on Al Punto

Former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Ed Gillespie talked up his party’s efforts to reach out to Latino voters and defended its economic and fiscal policies during an appearance in September on Univision’s public-affairs program Al Punto.

Latino Surge: Minority Voters Will Become Even More Important in 2012 & Beyond

In light of the demographic data that was released by the 2010 Census, both parties are seeking to win the critically important Latino Vote. In this interview Pat Buchanan and Ron Brownstein of the National Journal Group discuss what each party has to do to get the Hispanic Vote.

Latino Voters Importance in 2012 for GOP and Democrats | With Lili Gil

Hispanic market expert Lili Gil talks about the importance of the Latino voter for both GOP and Democrats on Fox News Live. This clip discusses how to connect with Latinos, in terms of message relevancy and focusing on key swing vote states with issues that Hispanics care about.

Political Advertising: The Changing Landscape

Moderated by Errol Louis, Host of Inside City Hall, NY1 this hour-long panel with top-tier political consultants analyzes the impact technology has had on local, state and national political campaigns. At minute 30, they discuss the growing Hispanic vote and its new found influence in the Rust belt states.

AW8 – PWC – Will Latinos Elect Our Next President?

Univision’s political correspondent, Jordan Fabian, moderates a panel of political experts delving into the importance of the Latino Voters on the 2012 Elections. Panelist are Mark Mellman, President, CEO, The Mellman Group; Lionel Sosa, Political Consultant, Garcia LKS; Chiqui Cartagena, author of “Latino Boom”, VP Corporate Marketing, Univision and Ben Smith,

How to Reach Hispanics

Univision’s audience is the youngest of the top five broadcast networks, on average 10 years younger than ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX. In fact, in 2011 it was the #1 Network on Friday nights with Adults 18-34 and beat NBC in Prime 195 nights with Adults 18-49.

Connect with Latinos to Win Elections

Politico, December 11, 2011 By Randy Falco Political observers regularly draw parallels between political communications and consumer marketing. Whether it’s increasing use of social media, data mining or breakthrough creative style, political campaigns and consumer ad campaigns are always watching each other — looking for the next great idea. In 2012, no trend may be Read More

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