Jersey Burgers

There it was. A mailer from Jersey Burgers advertising burgers, fries, omelettes, waffles . . . and “Menudo Saturday & Sunday.”

Latinos and America’s Ethnically-Mixed Future

  In my last blog I addressed the question: do Latinos need a national leader?  I proposed that Hispanics are best served by multiple leaders who offer varying perspectives that reflect the richness of Latino internal diversity.  It just so happened that I recently glimpsed a vision of that expanding leadership. This past November 23, Read More

Hispanics are creating a new baby boom in the United States

By Chiqui Cartagena, Special to CNN Mon October 14, 2013 STORY HIGHLIGHTS Cartagena spent whole professional life helping fellow Americans understand Latinos Every 30 seconds, two non-Hispanics reach retirement age and one Latino turns 18 “Latino baby boom” will affect every aspect of American life over the next 50 years Cartagena: Businesses can’t afford to ignore Read More

How Big Is The Hispanic – Or Latino – Big Tent?

While lecturing recently at a U.S. university, I met a Brazilian American faculty member.  As we waltzed back and forth, conversing in both English and Portuguese (I lived in Brazil for nearly two years), he casually referred to the two of us as fellow Latinos.  Not once, however, did he use the term, Hispanic. While Read More

Not Just an Immigrant Group

  My last blog, “Obama, Rivera, and Anthony,” generated a number of responses that challenged me to put some meat on the bones of my concluding sentence: that we – both as Americans and as Latinos – need to challenge misperceptions about who we are.  Challenge accepted. Let’s start with an oft-repeated misperception, one I Read More

We Are One

“We Are One” celebrates the important role Hispanics play in the fabric of American life, contributing to the growth of businesses, the workforce and well being of America.

Obama, Rivera, and Anthony

  I write this blog in the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s July 19 televised ruminations about the death of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman. With a personal introspection rare in U.S. governmental discourse, Obama evoked the reality of the lives of African American males, particularly their sense that many white Americans Read More

Of Loving and Zimmerman

In my last blog I addressed the question of Latino identity by examining the controversy in “Is the New Pope Latino?” I responded with an emphatic “yes” (in about 500 words). Since then, three separate items relating to Latino identity have caught my eye. First was the Census Bureau’s report that, between 2010 and 2012, Read More

Census 2020

I recently posted a blog here comparing ethnic heritage and identity. Heritage refers to your familial, national, cultural, ethnic, or religious ancestry. Identity refers to the way that you view yourself. Now, the U.S. Census Bureau is planning to comingle these two categories in a way that could have significant implications for the Hispanic future. Read More

What is American?

In my last blog I wrote about ethnic umbrella labels.  These labels include, but are not limited to, European-American, Asian-American, African-American and Native-American, and all share the characteristics of having a geographical reference point, but beyond that, distinctions appear. These terms raise another labeling issue, one which I’ve been questioned about. It concerns the use Read More

Ethnic Umbrellas

In my last blog, I discussed the distinctions between ethnic — particularly Hispanic — heritage, identity, and culture. I ended by posing this question: beyond the sharing of a pan-Latino identity, does a U.S. Hispanic culture really exist? Or are Hispanic and Latino merely convenient umbrella terms for embracing the various U.S. ethnic cultures rooted Read More

Heritage, Identity and Culture

  In my last blog I discussed the words, Hispanic and Latino. As I explained, while technically these terms can be construed as covering slightly different cohorts, in current practice they are generally used interchangeably.  But those labels raise another issue. Once we get past the words themselves, is there any real substance behind them?  Read More

Hispanic or Latino?

Quite regularly I get asked, “What’s the right word, Hispanic or Latino?” In truth, there is no right word.  Group labels, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder.  Group labels – in fact, all labels – are mainly verbal conveniences. They emerge; they change and they disappear. This brings me back to the Hispanic Read More

Hispanics and the American Future

By Carlos E. Cortés Welcome to my new blog series on Univision Insights, “Hispanics and the American Future.” Let’s begin with a couple of thanks.  First, to Univision for hosting this blog series and second to the readers joining me on this journey of contemplation and conversation. So why initiate this blog series now? Because Read More

Watch This Webinar: How Do I Connect With Bilingual Hispanics?

This webinar showcases in-home, video ethnographies conducted with bicultural Hispanics in key markets across the U.S. The marketing implications revealed will help you grow your business with Hispanic consumers. Our discussion includes: The keys to understanding acculturation How emotion and language are inseparable Why reaching Hispanics “in culture” is critical

Hispanics Talk To Us About Acculturation, In Their Own Words

Understanding Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a special day that has existed for thousands of years with religious connotations in Latin America, where it continues to be followed faithfully and is now celebrated in America. The holiday holds a special place in the hearts of Mexicans, when family and friends gather Read More

Somos Univision 6

Univision viewers explain why Spanish language is important to them.

Somos Univision 5

Univision viewers express what Univision means to them and how it is a part of their lives.

Demystifying Acculturation

On Sept. 28, our Client Development Group held its first webinar in the series “Hispanic 411: Insights to Grow Your Business.” Led by myself and Senior Director Liz Sanderson, the webinar’s goal was to help marketers connect with bilingual Hispanics.

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Ethnographies: Cultural Relevance Connects

Ethnographies: Latin Food is Better

Ethnographies: Spanish: It’s My Language

Ethnographies: Being Bilingual is a Big Advantage

Ethnographies: I’m Proud to be Hispanic

Ethnographies: Hispanics Live the Best of Both Worlds

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