Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
Total Market Strategy
"Nielsen likability scores among bilingual Hispanics 18-49 are 60% higher on Univison when comparing brands with ads…"

Leading companies from Coca-Cola, to General Mills, to McDonald’s, to Chrysler, have recognized that 100% of the U.S. population growth in the next 10 years will come from Hispanics.  As a result, they are implementing a Total Market Strategy by integrating Hispanic into every step of the business planning process in order to fully take advantage of the Hispanic growth opportunity.

So how can your company implement a Total Market Strategy and keep pace with the shifting demographics of our nation?  We have created a roadmap to help you achieve success.

Size the Opportunity and the Size of Ignoring It
Leverage Consumer Research to Define Your Strategy
Ensure Product, Packaging and Services are Relevant to Hispanics
Develop Culturally Relevant Creative
Support Concurrent Efforts with Sufficient and Consistent Funding
Customize Retail Distribution, Assortment & Services
Define and Track Success Metrics Across Disciplines

Click here to download the “Defining and Developing Your Total Market Strategy” byline.

Are you fully integrating Hispanic throughout the business planning process? Download our scorecard to find out.

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