Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
Research and Consumer Insights
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A marketer that grows their sales with Hispanics is one that leads with insights.  Our significant consumer and category expertise, along with our proprietary research, will help you get to know your consumer and how to market to them effectively.  Some of the services we provide include in-depth category overviews, ethnographies and retail immersions – one day experiences designed to give marketers a better understanding of the Hispanic experience in.

  • We worked with a multi-brand cosmetics manufacturer to help them understand Hispanic attitudes towards color, product benefits and usage patterns to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts
  • We led the marketing team from a leading mass merchandiser on a Hispanic retail immersion in Chicago, so that they could understand how to better tailor their store design, retail signage and merchandise assortment to Hispanic consumer shopping habits
  • We conducted video ethnographies in major markets to bring the new American reality of bilingual, bicultural Hispanic consumers to life, and  to help our clients understand their attitudes towards food, family, language and brand loyalty

Consider these questions:

  • Have you and your agency uncovered your critical Hispanic insights and how they differ from non-Hispanics?
  • Do you understand the acculturation process and how it affects consumption patterns?
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