Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
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For any marketer, having a reliable method of showing results is critical.  Fortunately, we can help.  We can assist with advertising effectiveness studies and ROI analysis.  We also work closely with our research partners to enhance the syndicated measurement tools available in the marketplace.

  • We created a measurement platform for an OTC pharmaceutical company. This dynamic dashboard allows brands to look at in-flight TV performance on a continuous or campaign basis, and adjust their media investment levels in real time
  • We partnered with a multinational CPG brand to help them better understand and benchmark the results for their Marketing Mix Modeling analysis for Hispanic efforts versus non-Hispanic.

Consider these questions:

  • Do you have the rights scorecard, metrics and accountability to drive and measure the success of your Hispanic efforts?
  • Are you testing different spending levels/models to determine the optimal levels required for success?
  • Have you performed a total market reach optimization for your category?
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