Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
Marketing Services
"where in the U.S. could this international soccer tournament take place? we've narrowed it down to 4 cities…"

Increasingly, marketers have realized that they can’t grow their sales without targeting Hispanic consumers. Univision’s marketing services are designed to help clients and agencies win the loyalty and wallets of Hispanic consumers – whether you are a newcomer to the space or a seasoned Hispanic veteran. We have served marketers across the country in the areas of Strategy, Research and Consumer Insights, Creative Services and Measurement.

Consider these Success Principles when marketing to Hispanics:

  • Make it a top-down business imperative
  • Commit to a total market strategy
  • Ensure strategic focus, funding, staffing and consistency over time
  • Determine right-to-win products or services
  • Prioritize research, insight and metrics
  • Plan concurrent launch of new initiatives
  • Understand acculturation
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