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Estimado Amigo,

In 2013 we launched Univision Contigo, our community empowerment platform that brings our mission to life in four important areas: Education, Health, Prosperity, and Civic Participation and today we are extremely proud to unveil our first empowerment report that highlights how we are having an impact in the lives of the 45 million Hispanics we reach each month [see attached chart].

At the core of Univision Contigo is our goal to motivate specific actions and measure the results, providing evidence of the success of our programs and the advances of the community we serve. Furthermore, these results validate what we at Univision know – that our community is on the move, young, dynamic, upwardly mobile, highly engaged and deserving of being counted and recognized. As you’ll see on the next page, Univision and our community are making progress together in preparing and advancing Hispanic America.

Univision Contigo speaks to our philosophy as a mission driven Company working passionately every day to fulfill our commitment to inform, entertain, empower, and advocate on behalf of Hispanics by leveraging our vast array of television, digital, radio, and mobile assets; and our products and services under Univision Enterprises. The result is one of the most unique and cherished relationships in corporate America – an unparalleled bond with our community. This is reflected in our brand equity, which remains the highest ever recorded by Burke for media companies. A key factor in this is our extremely high ‘brand regard,’ which is based on how people overwhelmingly and consistently associate our company with trust, pride, value, loyalty, and responsibility.

Without a doubt, this special connection brings with it what we consider to be a sacred responsibility to serve and advance the Hispanic community in America. That is why we are grateful for your interest and most importantly your support of the Hispanic community. In the coming weeks, we will launch a dedicated Univision Contigo section on to serve as a living, evolving documentation of our progress and to provide news concerning our future plans. In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions or comments by emailing us at


Randy Falco
President and Chief Executive Officer
Univision Communications Inc.
Roberto Llamas
EVP, HR & Community Empowerment
Univision Communications Inc.

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