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Univision Contigo is deeply committed to improving health by educating the Hispanic community about wellness, increasing access to healthcare, and supporting children in need.

Access to Information and Resources

Since 2013, Univision News has launched several major multiplatform initiatives that give Hispanic audiences direct access to the most reliable current health-related information and resources. 

Univision News’ popular 30-minute weekly health magazine show, “Cita con tu Salud” (Appointment with Your Health), now in its second/third season, features conversations with medical specialists, correspondents, preventive health experts, and individuals that shed light on topics such as medical breakthroughs, eating disorders, common illnesses, oral health, and more.


Our groundbreaking online tool, “¿Cuál Es Tu Número?” (What’s Your Number?), invites users to answer basic questions about their life habits—including nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress levels, and more—and receive a numeric score that gives them a general sense of their health. More than 300,000 people have completed the questionnaire since its launch in November 2013, creating a database of health trends that Univision News will use to identify, understand, and help address the Hispanic community’s most pressing health problems going forward.


The new Univision Salud website ( gives Hispanics practical information on topics such as illnesses and conditions, medications, natural medicine, nutrition, sexuality, weight control, health insurance, and the latest medical advances—along with useful tools to help our community manage different aspects of their health.

Health Week

Univision Contigo launched its third annual Health Week in 2015. Our third annual Health Tour hit 12 markets in eight days on June 6-13, 2015, attracting more than 32,000 people and providing approximately 10,000 free health screenings. In just two weeks, 310,000 people signed up for Reto28 – a 28-day nutritional and fitness challenge we launched across our platforms as part of June health month.


Leading into our third annual Health Week, we launched “Reto28” – a 28-day nutritional and fitness challenge across our platforms in June, devised by health nutritionist Sabrina Hernandez-Cano, Latina chef Doreen Colondres and Univision News’ chief medical correspondent Dr. Juan Rivera, available in Spanish at


Univision Farmacia 

Univision developed a program to give Hispanics and their families discounts in their purchases of prescription drugs. The program, Univision Farmacia,  was developed in partnership with Envision RxOptions and over a two-year period, two million individuals and one million families have benefited from $38 million in savings.

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