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Univision Contigo’s multi-faceted portfolio of award-winning education initiatives, which spans television, radio, digital, and community events, represents the nation’s longest-running media education campaign in any language. 

Since 2010, Univision has partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to increase Hispanic students’ high school completion and college readiness. The campaign has reached more than 16 million people nationwide and, since its inception, UCI has donated more than $50 million in airtime for public service announcements and educational vignettes to leverage campaign messaging across its multiple platforms.


Early Childhood

In 2014, Univision Contigo launched “Pequeños y Valiosos” (Young and Valuable), a national public action campaign to educate Hispanic parents and encourage them to boost early brain development by engaging in heightened verbal interaction with their young children.

Created in partnership with “Too Small to Fail”, whose mission is to help parents and businesses take meaningful actions to improve the health and well-being of children ages zero to five, the centerpiece of the campaign was a cross-platform promotion that empowered and supported parents in carrying out a simple, research substantiated message: Spending 15 minutes per day talking, reading, and singing to your children will have a lasting impact on their development.

In 2015, the Bezos Family Foundation joined the early brain development effort, making it bigger and better than ever. The focus of the campaign was the importance of numeracy (numeric literacy) and the power of bilingualism. In 2015, Univision Contigo is expected to engage with 150,000 Hispanic families who have children under age five, offering them ways to transform everyday routines and interactions into brain-building moments. 


To date, more than 45, 000 parents have pledged this daily engagement and are members of a parent community that receives routine tips and coaching online on how to work more effectively in the development of their young children.

Education Week

Every year, Univision Contigo presents its award-winning Education Week.

In 2014, Univision Contigo hosted Education Week events at universities and high schools in seven US cities. Families participated in town halls, education workshops, and college fairs, engaging with some of the nation’s top educators, experts, and celebrities.

Education Week is supported by multiple platforms. Our online academy, “Academias para Padres” (Parent Academies), was accessed by 1,800 people. Our news and entertainment programs offered multiple segments to highlight the week’s events. Thirteen affiliates across the nation held phone banks answering more than 3,000 viewer questions on education, and many local markets held free education fairs. Finally, more than 10,000 attended virtual college fairs powered by CollegeWeek Live.

Access to Higher Education

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) has several programs to improve our community’s access to higher education and increase diversity in the professions.

Managed by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), UCI’s scholarship program for Hispanic students, “Becas Univision” (Univision Scholarships), has awarded 85 scholarships, totaling $1.2 million dollars, since 2011. Additionally, through its scholarship campaign, Univision drives additional applicants to HSF so that they receive other funding. UCI is also founding member of the PRSA PRIME program, which supports efforts to attract ethnic and racial minorities to careers in public relations. Finally, UCI works to increase diversity in the media and entertainment industry through its partnership with the T. Howard Foundation.  


In 2015, Univision Contigo launched a new national campaign, “¡Estudia, Hay Dinero!” (There’s Money to Study!), that empowers Hispanic students to pursue higher education by introducing them to the financial resources available to them through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This campaign reached an impressive number of students:

40,000 attendees participated in our FAFSA workshops nationwide.

In Fresno, California, over 6,000 individuals attended seven workshops—held during a single day—and submitted their FAFSA forms.  

18,000 people accessed Univision Contigo’s digital FAFSA guide.

5,000 phone calls and 2,500 text messages about financial aid were fielded by dedicated phone banks and a new text-message hotline.

Thanks to Univision Contigo’s efforts in the state of Illinois, 51% of high school seniors had submitted a FAFSA form as of March 1, 2015, a 39% increase from the same date in 2010.

K-12 Parental Engagement

In May 2015, Univision Contigo launched “Clave al Éxito” (Key to Success), a groundbreaking, mobile-optimized Spanish-language website that empowers Hispanic families to engage in their child’s education from the earliest years, helping them become college ready. 


This user-friendly tool supports Hispanic parents in guiding their children’s educational success from pre-kindergarten through high school. Accessible via, this mobile-first destination enables Spanish-speaking parents to communicate more easily with English-speaking teachers about their children’s academic progress. “Clave al Éxito” provides parents with:

a grade-by-grade guide on what their children should be learning each year

a Parent Academy with comprehensive videos and tools for parents to support their child’s education

grade-specific book recommendations

a tool to track their children’s reading activity and share it with teachers

information and guidance on the new state assessments

access to practice tests that children can use to prepare for state assessment exams

Created in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this digital destination brings together content from a host of respected non-profit organizations, including the National PTA, GreatSchools, LAUP, PIQE, LULAC, NCLR and Stand for Children. The tool has been made directly available to parents and schools in several Hispanic-serving school districts across the country, including the Los Angeles Unified School District, and shared with all local PTA units by the National PTA.

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