Ready to Reach Hispanic America?
experiential MARKETING
"Nielsen likability scores among bilingual Hispanics 18-49 are 60% higher on Univison when comparing brands with ads…"

Our Experiential Marketing practice seeks to truly complete the 360-degree offering for marketers by providing below the line services / opportunities that drive on-brand, custom experiences that leverage the power and reach of Univision brands, assets and media platforms.

In essence, our suite of solutions creates the difference between telling people about your brand and allowing consumers to experience the brand themselves.

We extend the value of the marketing message and harness brand energy by:

  • Developing comprehensive experiential marketing campaigns including custom events, custom activation, sampling, in-store promotions, and multi-market tours amongst others
  • Providing exclusive access to high profile, exclusive and grass roots events
  • Creating unique touch-points between brands and consumers
  • Developing live event extensions of our owned brands and properties
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