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LISTERINE® Tests its Upside Potential

06/14/11 . Univision PR

In 2009, the LISTERINE® brand was already very healthy with U.S. Hispanics — with a Mouthwash Category Index of 109 and a Brand Development Index of 117. However, in Q3 2009, the brand saw the beginning of a downward sales trend with this audience.

The brand’s management was curious about whether national Spanish Language TV advertising could help reverse this sales trend and drive its sales with Hispanics even higher.

LISTERINE® partnered with Univision on a test program to build brand awareness and reinforce loyalty among Hispanics.  They identified a piece of TV creative from outside the U.S. that could be adapted for Hispanics, and invested significantly in media behind this message. With Univision’s help, they also implemented a campaign measurement system to gauge the program’s impact on sales and loyalty.

Using Symphony IRI data, LISTERINE® compared sales results in Hispanic stores versus non-Hispanic stores. The results were impressive. Not only was the downward sales trend reversed; they also saw a double-digit annual increase in incremental sales in the Hispanic stores.

The campaign had a positive impact on brand loyalty, too. Nielsen Homescan data showed that, after the campaign, Spanish-preferred Hispanics were less likely to purchase LISTERINE® on deal and much less likely to purchase with a coupon.



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