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Kraft Singles Proves Real Milk Wins with Latinas

07/21/11 . Jenna Silver

Hispanics have a strong preference for natural, dairy-based cheeses, and  believed all cheese slices were created equal. They did not see value in Kraft Singles and were passing it over in favor of imitation brands.

Research revealed that once Hispanic moms understood that Kraft Singles were made with real milk they would agree that they were worth paying more for because they were better for kids.  This is in line with a common Spanish-language expression: “Lo barato sale caro” (You get what you pay for).

Kraft’s agency produced TV creative focused on comparing Kraft Singles to cheaper brands that were made with oil and water.  One spot showed a picnic where animated ants bypassed imitation cheese in a search for Kraft Singles.

Kraft also invested in Spanish language media with a GRP level and campaign duration sufficient to reach its target audience of Latina moms.  The “Real vs. Fake” message was extended online with a takeover of the portal during El Dia de los Inocentes – the Hispanic April Fool’s Day.  It continued to drive this messaging with fake news stories posted on several sections, all sponsored by Kraft Singles.

Kraft Singles saw a 12% Hispanic sales lift after campaign vs. -4% decline pre-campaign.  The majority of the sales increase was driven by Spanish-Preferred Hispanics.  The brand’s Hispanic market share increased 3 points after the campaign.

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