Empowering Our Communities

12/22/11 Monica Talan Articles Everything Hispanic Millennial Marketing Insights

Part of Univision’s DNA is to empower Hispanic America and a fundamental element of our efforts is connected to the critical work of nonprofit organizations, that day in and day out serve the different needs of our... Read More

Latino vs Hispanic

08/15/11 Monica Talan Articles Everything Marketing Insights

The Los AngelesTimes recently released guidelines for the use of Latino vs. Hispanic stating that the term Latino was the preferred term: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/readers/2011/07/latino-preferred-over-hispanic-in-most-cases.html. In fact, in the memo shared with staff it said: “Latino should be used... Read More

Hispanics at the Movies: A Match Made in Hollywood

06/23/11 Monica Talan Articles Entertainment Everything Marketing Insights Movies

Movie studios have known for some time that Hispanics are key to a film’s success. Latinos are nearly twice as likely as the total adult population to see a movie on opening weekend and are, on average,... Read More


05/19/11 Monica Talan Articles Everything Marketing Insights

The 2010 Census validated what all of us who have been studying, marketing and working with the Hispanic community have known for years–the Hispanic population is driving the growth and redefining the makeup of our nation. It... Read More

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