The Political Force of Hispanic Voters in California

02/10/14 Chiqui Cartagena Everything Hispanic Vote Marketing Insights Videos

On the state level, 2014 is a pivotal election year for both the Democratic and Republican parties. Legislative leaders are conscious of the growing political force of Hispanic voters in California and their influence on national politics.... Read More

2014 Midterm Elections: Reaching The Hispanic Voter

01/17/14 Chiqui Cartagena Everything Hispanic Vote Marketing Insights Videos

The growing importance of the Hispanic Voter has been coming into focus over the past elections cycles. Campaign strategists from both parties now realize that if they do not have a solid Hispanic campaign strategy and dedicate... Read More

Great TV Just Got Greater

11/11/13 Chiqui Cartagena Articles Entertainment Everything Technology & Digital Life

It’s happened to everyone I know. You are flipping through the channels and come across a TV show in Spanish. In an instant you’re hooked, even though the language is different. It can be something funny that... Read More

See What’s Being Said About Latino Boom II

03/28/13 Chiqui Cartagena Articles Everything Latino Boom II

“Clearly written and full of data and new insights, Latino Boom II gives every marketer a better understanding of how to capitalize on the growing Hispanic consumer. Latino Boom II is a must read.” —Bob Liodice, President... Read More

Connecting to Critical Voters

09/19/12 Chiqui Cartagena Articles Everything Hispanic Vote Latino Boom II Marketing Insights

An excerpt from “Latino Boom 2.0 ” publishing this Fall According to Census data, every month, 50,000 Latino citizens turn 18 and are therefore eligible to vote. The American electorate is growing by the minute: the National... Read More


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