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Keeping your Brand Top of Mind

04/11/16 . Steve Mandala


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We’ve been having a lot of conversations with clients about why brand health is important. And, together, we always land on this: in a world of increasing options, brand health is what sets us up for prosperity. A healthy brand assures that people will continue to care about and buy your products and services.

One of the key elements of brand health is top-of-mind awareness – a mass media proposition. We have mass covered. Univision Communications reaches millions of unique consumers each month across our TV, digital and radio properties. And, as you read last week, we’ll continue expanding our content ecosystem.

This scale is essential to keeping your brand top-of-mind. You need large numbers of consumers to understand what your brand stands for, even if they’re not currently ready to buy or in your target market. Because there will come a time when that consumer (or someone in their circle) will be ready to buy…and you want your brand to benefit from the recall.

At UCI, we like to say: when you partner with us, you partner with a population. You stand with one of the most cohesive communities in our country – an incredibly engaged and loyal audience that loves to talk about brands more than any other consumer. Let us put our scale and influence to work for you.

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