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Don’t Take Our Word for It; Listen to Nielsen

04/18/12 . Elizabeth Ellers

Here at Univision we have a busy and talented group of researchers who, among many other challenges, mine data for insights to guide our advertisers. But there’s a certain cynicism among advertisers and agencies that we and other media companies are “spinning” the information we provide.

This month there’s a report out from a neutral third party. Nielsen has issued a report titled “State of the Hispanic Consumer: The Hispanic Market Imperative.” The report highlights current information on the size and buying power of the Hispanic population in the United States. In the report, Nielsen states that Latinos are a fundamental component to future business success, and the largest population group to exhibit culture sustainability. Nielsen’s conclusion: “Hispanics are the cornerstone of future growth.”

Nielsen looked at the critical issue of language and found “these data underscore the importance of using Spanish to reach Latinos.” Nielsen TV Brand Effect found that the same commercial shown in Spanish bumps up ad recall by as much as 30 percent, and that Latinos like ads 51 percent more if viewed in Spanish rather than English.

We’ll continue to inform the business community about “The New American Reality.” But it’s good to see we’re not the only ones following the story.

For more information on the report, we’ll explore the subject in an upcoming Hispanic411 webinar on May 22nd. Stay tuned for details.

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