Univision Releases New Research Showing the Importance of Beauty to Latina Consumers

08/11/09 . Rosemary Mercedes

New Research Outlines Factors that Increase Brand Credibility and Motivate Purchasing Decisions for Hispanic Women

New York, NY — Univision Communications Inc., the premier Spanish-language media company in the United States, today unveiled new research that emphasizes the importance of beauty to Hispanic women and sheds light on the key drivers that directly influence Latinasí purchasing decisions. The research is based on a national phone survey conducted by Simmons, an Experian Company.

The research findings reinforced that beauty is of paramount importance to female Hispanic consumers ñ instilling confidence, making them feel younger and improving self-esteem, with many Latinas feeling outward beauty reflects inner beauty.  Wearing makeup and looking good is essential to these consumers, moreso than their non-Hispanic counterparts.  For example:

ï 61 percent of Latinas (vs. 42 percent of non-Latinas) agree that ìHow I look on the outside projects the way I am on the inside.î
ï 69 percent of Latinas (vs. 46 percent of non-Latinas) agree that ìItís very important to wear makeup and look good.î
ï 40 percent of Latinas (vs. 23 percent of non-Latinas) agree that ìWhen leaving the house I need to look as good as or better than my friends.î

Part of the reason for this is that beauty is a priority passed from Latina mothers to daughters, with 73 percent of Latinas (vs. 57 percent of non-Latinas) agreeing that ìI influence my children to take care of their skin, hair, appearanceî and 67 percent of Latinas (vs. 50 percent of non-Latinas) agree that ìMy mom influenced/influences me to take care of my skin, hair, appearance.î

ìThis research provides in depth insights into the relationship with beauty products for both Hispanic and non Hispanic women,î said Ceril Shagrin, executive vice president, Corporate Research, Univision Communications Inc.

This study also sheds light on the value that major beauty marketers achieve by using Spanish-language media to drive growth among Latinas.  In fact, numerous beauty brands ñ including Avon, Caress, Cover Girl, Dove, Garnier, LíOreal, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Olay and Pantene ñ are spending their ad dollars on Spanish-language media.

Deborah Marquardt, vice president, Integrated and Multi-Ethnic Marketing, Maybelline New York, added: ìMaybelline New York fully recognizes the importance of Hispanic consumers. We continue to speak to Latinas through our standing product portfolio with its breadth of shades ranges, advertising with relevant models, imagery and language, as well as via non-traditional media channels. We want to engage with her and bring value to the relationship ñ wherever she is. This approach creates strong brand loyalty and drives product purchase.î

The study also revealed the cultural importance of beauty among Latinas. For example, price does not drive their purchase decision. Hispanic women expressed this through comments such as ìIf you like it, you buy it.î In fact:
ï 68 percent of Latinas (vs. 56 percent of non-Latinas) agree that ìPrice isnít the most important factor ñ itís getting exactly the beauty products I need.î
ï 58 percent of Latinas (vs. 47 percent of non-Latinas) agree that ìI often associate better quality with brand name products.î

Also of note: when asked ìwhat would entice you to try a new product,î 49.5 percent of Latinas said they would be enticed to try a new product if they received an in-store demonstration, more than four times higher than the 11.9 percent of non-Hispanic women who responded in the same way.

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