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Univision Puerto Rico Celebrates 1st Anniversary

04/07/03 . drojas

In only six months, Univision has become viewers’ favorite network

San Juan, PR — Tuesday, April 8, is Univision Puerto Rico’s 1st anniversary—and to celebrate it, every newscast on the network (Tu Mañana and Las Noticias at 12 Noon and 6 PM), as well as the variety show “Anda Pal Cará” will have a birthday cake to commemorate the special occasion. On Sunday, April 6, Hector Marcano dedicated his show “Que Suerte” to the network’s anniversary.

Univision began its operations in Puerto Rico on April 8, 2002 and immediately captivated viewers with its new programming strategy. One of the key changes was to replace the movies that aired from 7 to 9 p.m. with a new novela block. That day, the hit dramas “Salomé” and “Ramona” began, winning over the local audience. But it was on July 17, 2002, with the premiere of “Gata Salvaje,” that Univision Puerto Rico rose to first place in the ratings, a position it has maintained through the current date.

Univision made its entrance in Puerto Rico inviting viewers to tune in with a distinctive slogan: “Estás en casa”(You’re home.) The audience promptly accepted the invitation and moved to its new home: Univision Puerto Rico. Univision continues inviting viewers every day to visit “their home” through their TV screens.
During the past year, Univision Puerto Rico has featured top-quality programming with fewer commercials and more content.

Las Noticias Univision
With a team of over 70 people led by José Morales, Las Noticias Univision has positioned itself as the premier newscast in Puerto Rico. Cyd Marie Flemming and Ramón Enrique Torres are the anchors for the 12 Noon and 6 p.m. editions.  With the assistance of  the complete Las Noticias team, they bring viewers all the late-breaking stories developing in Puerto Rico and the world.

The “Buró del Tiempo” (Weather Bureau), with Ada Monzón, Orlando Lugo and Susan Soltero, presents up-to-the-minute weather information using state of the art equipment exclusive to Univision Puerto Rico:  the “Weather Producer” and the “El Vigilante” radar, which assist Las Noticias Univision in the creation of three-dimensional and interactive weather graphics.  Las Noticias Univision is the only newscast in Puerto Rico with a meteorologist qualified to analyze weather conditions and present them to viewers.

Las Noticias Univision also has a News Bureau in the city of Ponce, with reporter David Rodríguez covering all the news from the southern region of the island.

Tu Mañana
The freshest show of the day, Tu Mañana brings the latest news to viewers who want to be well informed before beginning their daily activities. Elwood Cruz, Nuria Sebazcos, Susan Soltero and Karen Cintrón are the anchors who, bright and early, keep audiences up to date and ready to start their day.

Public Service
Univision Puerto Rico serves the community by participating in a series of community events and informing the public about them. Univision Puerto Rico airs  30 seconds an hour of public service announcements.

As part of its commitment, Univision joined the American Red Cross in carrying out the biggest blood drive ever held in Puerto Rico, breaking all previously established records. Along with the Heart Association (Asociación del Corazón), it participated in an Annual Walk that attracted close to 10,000 people. Univision and SER de Puerto Rico produced a video titled “Así debo crecer” (This Is How I Should Grow), distributing over 60,000 copies among low income mothers in New York City. With the Pilar Barbosa program, in conjunction with the Education Department, it earned Univision congratulations from the Puerto Rican Senate.

Programming for everyone
Univision Puerto Rico brings viewers 24 hours a day of family programming featuring entertainment and the high standard of quality that has made it the number one network in the United States.

Univision Puerto Rico is celebrating, and takes advantage of the occasion to thank the Puerto Rican audience for its welcome and preference. Univision Puerto Rico… you’re home!

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