The Hispanic Heartbeat of America

The Census confirmed that Hispanics are fueling the growth in this country.  U.S. Hispanics number over 50 million people and represent 56% of the growth in the U.S. population since 2000.  That is more than four times faster than the non-Hispanic white population.  In many of your key sales markets, Hispanics now represent anywhere from a quarter to more than half the population.  And, when you look ahead, if it weren’t for Hispanics the adult 18-49 demographic would decline over the next decade.

As the leading media company connecting Hispanic America to the content it loves, we have the insights, tools and resources you need to develop and execute your strategy to drive sales with Hispanics.  We are uniquely positioned to help you grow your business. For the last 50 years Univision has been dedicated to the mission to Inform, Entertain and Empower Hispanic America. Now more than ever, Univision delivers the content Hispanic America craves, from news to novelas, from sports to reality shows, across television, radio, digital and mobile. We are ready for the new America. Are you?

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